an old-fashioned bioengineer, founder and owner (1980-2018 ) of Akern Srl, a successful biomedical company, all the way to mid-2018.

He developed innovative biomedical devices and systems, notably bio-impedance instruments and light scatter plethysmography, for quantitative and qualitative estimates of body composition, classification of hydration state and nutrition with devices, nomograms, equations, and new interpretative concepts successfully acquired by clinical practice. He currently exploits multiple technologies from deep learning machines and artificial intelligence to automatically process digital images to measure anthropometric data and estimate body composition.

During his career collaborated with major multinational companies and medical centers in the United States and Europe in novel research activities.

As a consequence of >30 years of experience in "Body Composition estimates he developed unique prototypes of body composition methods ro reach out an innovative forerunning system covered by validation studies and international patents resulting in a brand new activity and company (Pixelcando SL), once again founder, owner and managing director.

His focus has always been prior to going commercial, sound scientific validation studies of his biomedical developments.

Adjunct professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Public Health Education (University of North Dakota) and the retired Assistant Director of the USDA-ARS Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Centre. He led research programs that determined amounts of micronutrient intakes for human health and performance and developed body composition methods including bioelectrical impedance. He served on editorial boards of scientific journals, produced numerous peer-reviewed publications, advised and consulted international scientific organizations, and received awards for his scientific contributions and development of young scientists.

Professor (Faculdade de Tecnologia de Mococa, Brasile) and Python developer enthusiastic about Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He conducts research and experiments with Machine Learning and Deep Learning using Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, in the areas of NLP, Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision.

Building and deploying Python APIs to enhance the Learning Management System:

- Chatbot using Rasa and LSTM neural networks.

- Plagiarism Detection System using NLP.

- Text Similarity Detection System to help professors in identifying plagiarism between students.

- Architecting on AWS - Course Amazon Web Services (AWS)

He develops computer vision applications for Pixcelcando SL.