FitYourOutfit® (FYO)


The first-ever approach resulted from validating studies over a single lateral profile shot.

FitYourOutfit® is an extraordinary system with unprecedented technology and unsurpassed features, designed for the use of professionals, based on the digital image body area and size detection to obtain body composition estimates and anthropometrical measures, implemented with a Deep Learning Machine reliability neural network.
FYO® maps and measures the real surface and diameter of human silhouettes showing valuable information about body fat content and shape.

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FYO®-SYSTEM : Cloud-based Software - API - App

  • FYO® is operating from one APP for smartphones to grab quality-controlled pictures acquisition before posting the image to the cloud-based software to perform the full analysis. The smartphone camera is monitored to ensure viable image quality.

  • Artificial intelligence detects and extracts human profiles, removing any background noise. The proprietary, exclusive and patented pixel sizing and counting method convert on the fly the original into a single white solid colored silhouette, fundamental for the task and providing as well the advantage of individual privacy.

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The new validation study - now published: Received: 2 October 2022 / Revised: 22 October 2022 / Accepted: 27 October 2022 / Published: 31 October 2022
Digital Single-Image Smartphone Assessment of Total Body Fat and Abdominal Fat Using Machine Learning
by Gian Luca Farina 1,*,Carmine Orlandi 2,Henry Lukaski 3 and Lexa Nescolarde 4 (This article belongs to the Section Biomedical Sensors)

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  • Fat weight and percent (FM Kg-lbs and %FM)

  • Lean weight and percent (FFM kg- lbs and % FFM)

  • Body Water and percent (TBW liters and % )
    Note: TBW is extrapolated from FFM, assuming a normal and steady 73% hydration rate.

  • Abdominal Fat (Belly_Fat kg-lbs)

  • Basal metabolic rate and total energy expenditure (BMR and six-level activity TEE in Kcal)

  • Waist Circumference to Height (HW) ratio as a cardio-metabolic risk index

  • Automatic real value diameters at chest, belly, hip, thigh, and calf or freely set sections ( Metric or Imperial units)


  • FYO® leads to a clear understanding of body composition.

  • Pinpoint accurate fat or lean changes in specific areas of the body.

  • Track individual-specific physiological responses to diet, wllness, or fitness plans.

  • Identify personal long-term health risks, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances, and more. (cardiometabolic syndrome)

  • FYO® helps grow your business or practice and inspires life-changing results.

  • Fidelize existing and acquire new clients, offering personalized health counseling.

  • Motivate with elite-level services that create a scalable profit stream.


The method requires one single lateral photo, promptly conditioned to a monochromatic silhouette with the execution of shape analysis. The results are derived from real, objective measurements accompanied by references and standards.

  • The FYO® system uses a lateral profile photo to estimate body composition. The quality of the photo plays an important role.

  • The background doesn't matter. The digital image is automatically and immediately conditioned into a black and white profile.

  • The FYO® App purported only to take a photo and has a built-in smart camera and distance control system. The picture posting can be completed if the camera position, tilt, and subject's posture are correct.

The FitYourOutfit® technology is probably the most innovative method for digitally determining body composition today.
FYO® is a worldwide available unique tool that determines body composition in a few minutes based on a single picture taken with a smartphone or any digital camera. Our proprietary and exclusive pixel sizing and counting method produce single color and real dimension silhouettes. The FYO® invention is covered by International US and EU granted patents.

PIXELCANDO SL is a newly established company founded by an “almost retired” world-class body composition and human electrophysiology expert and a top-grade software engineer with revolutionary ideas that we hope will contribute to improving real body composition detection.

PIXELCANDO SL is a company purported to reach out innovative unique solutions and a great variety of services and solutions in Digital Imaging and Body Composition. Smart solutions for small and large enterprises, pride to operate on first-rate, attentive service.

PIXELCANDO SL believes that technological development and a full understanding of the era of the binary numbers, can guide companies towards a successful future. Our team members are technology veterans committed to working out intelligent solutions At

PIXELCANDO SL, comprehensive technology solutions that help companies and industry leaders achieve greater success. Our platform offers many features created specifically to simplify your business. Allow us to achieve and offer the best results.

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Multiple solutions than can be tailored to your business needs

API Access
Direct access to API (based on innovative techniques such as "deep learning machine", neural networks). It allows to implement the function in any proprietary platform, using our service behind the curtains.

Easy to use web platform
A specialist oriented web/mobile platform easy to use, with CRM, exams, results (using the same API of our direct access services), reports and native apps to acquire the patient photos.

IT support
Release of native non-transferable codes to third-party photos and digital photos and Android through smart phones, to obtain a photo-wizard (smart phones iOS and / or Android) and transmit these photographs exclusively to your own API under license.

Tailored solutions
Private cloud API server for high load scenarios, accessible only by your services

Lightening description of the FYO system

1- One APP for smartphones to govern and help your camera capture adequate shots - The APP is freely available from Apple and Google stores

2- A cloud-based neural network running a highly trained Deep Learning Machine in the separate progressive tasks of conditioning, computing, and visualizing results as:

a) extract human image from any background

b) convert the captured image into a black and white silhouette

c) intelligent pixel count and analysis to extrapolate body composition and anthropometrical measurements

3- A dedicated and sophisticated cloud-based software, password-protected to store data, retrieve, review, compare and print results and reports.

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